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My Work

Champagne Paul Laurent 

Rebranding | Social Media Manager | Website Creation

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Champagne Paul Laurent -
Bethon, France

For the past two years, I worked at Champagne Paul Laurent,

in Bethon, France, as the Digital Marketing Manager.


This family-owned champagne house hired me to rebrand the company to increase brand awareness internationally and reposition the product in a more expensive bracket.


To refresh the company's image, I developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan, starting with the construction and design of a new e-commerce website. For this project, I used WordPress and the Divi theme. I also redesigned all visual marketing tools to be a true reflection of the company's value and vision.


In addition, I instituted email marketing campaigns and increased the customer email list by 40%. For social media, I created content that fit the new brand image and targeted our ideal audience. As a result, there was a 585% increase in Instagram followers. In addition, I installed a presence on TikTok to capture the upcoming generation of champagne consumers.


Overall, the rebranding was a significant step forward for the company, allowing it to better align with its new goals and positioning it for continued success in the future. 

My favorite part was being able to help a family-owned and independent business have a footing in a highly competitive market dominated by large shareholders.

Social Media

The Objective

Increase brand awareness, revamp the brand's online presence, create a consistent and cohesive brand image across all social media platforms to increase engagement and new followers, generate leads,  and boost international sales (specifically the US market)

The Concept

Through careful planning and execution, the content was crafted to be visually stunning, informative, and engaging. The new content helped to communicate the brand's message more effectively, resulting in increased engagement, support for emerging markets,  and a more significant online presence.


  • + 585% increase in Instagram Followers

  • +40% increase in the customer email list with email marketing campaigns

  • New presence on Tiktok with 789 followers and growing

  • Increase in traffic to the website from socials



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Sunday Morning Easy Co. 

Founder | Product Designer |Social Media Manager

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Sunday Morning Easy Co. 

Sunday Morning Easy Co. LLC is a company that specializes in providing high-quality organizational tools and graphics to add sparkle and ease to wedding and trip planning.

Founded in January 2023, this Etsy Shop started as a hobby with digital tools and graphics that I created for my wedding in May of that year. With a desire to share these helpful tips with others, I launched a TikTok and Instagram account in August to further develop and promote the brand.

With over 10 viral videos, I quickly realized that there was a need for this type of content. My Type A brain that created all these Excel sheets and organization tools could help others!  Initially targeting upcoming brides and people in the wedding industry,  I expanded to include travel organization hacks after planning and coordinating a successful honeymoon in Japan.


This shift in focus proved to be a game-changer, and I realigned my pillars to include both wedding and travel organizational tips. 

My goal with this Etsy shop and social media is to share my experience and tools with others to hopefully make their wedding or trip planning a little easier, so they can focus entirely on the magic of these moments. 

Etsy Shop

Pink Sand

Content Creation

Pink Sand
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Club Med Cancun

As the community manager at Club Med Cancun, I had the privilege of creating engaging content for the social media platforms. My main focus was on Instagram and Facebook, where I aimed to showcase the beauty and unique experiences that Club Med Cancun offers.

Overall, my experience as a community manager at Club Med Cancun allowed me to hone my content creation, social media marketing, and customer service skills. I am proud to have contributed to the resort's online presence.

Pink Sand
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New Mexico Boston Terrier Rescue

My time helping this non-profit organization promote its auction was very rewarding and fulfilling. This organization, dedicated to rescuing and providing veterinary care for animals in need, relies heavily on fundraising events to continue its work. 

To help promote the auction and encourage participation, I created a range of content that was educational, informative, and visually appealing. One of my primary focuses was on creating tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to participate in the auction. I also created graphics for social media to encourage people to participate. 

Pink Sand
PL High Reso gate,name, cuvee.png

Champagne Paul Laurent

My main goal with this content creation was to promote the champagne on social media, making sure to focus on visuals that fit the brand's new image. I wanted to create a sense of luxury and elegance while still maintaining an accessible and personal quality.

To make sure that the content I created was visually appealing, I used a unique filter that helped me create a cohesive look and feel across all of the posts. I also created many educational and engaging reels of behind-the-scenes production. 

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